Friday, September 5, 2008

thank God its friday! thank God for letting me slp in today too! today morning suppsed to wake up at 9 but my dg was cancelled therefore i woke up at 11plus then make my way to office and here i am, in office again! haha. next week my last week of work liao! hmmmm. dont think i will ever come back to bsi coz my dad also not working here liao. BSI gives me good and bad memories but i guess the good outweigh the cons therefore i will always remember the people that are worth remembering! esp the person in sri lanka now! haha. crab crab!
today is a long day for me! after work i got tf then after tf i going for a breakthru prayer which will last til 5am tml but i most prob will leave abt 2-3 since Ezra is driving so i can hitch a ride! :) then tml noon also got meeting then TM but after TM nothing, so can go out and play! haha. :) my body is aching. did like 83 push ups yesterday. some leg and abs exercise. ran abit only after that. haha. weak weak weak! :) ok, enjoy photos again! :)

James Ji thanks God for today!

Oh my words could not tell. Not even in part. Of the debt of love that is owed. By this thankful heart
12:40 PM