Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dear God
i want to thank you for my results! i am shocked, pleasantly surprised for my marketing paper! never will i be able to do it unless it is your blessings! thank you God! Amen!

Results out yesterday! my heart was in my mouth already when the web page was slowly loading! Results as follows:
Mgt Maths: 47
POA: 56
Mgt science Maths: 63
Marketing: 76

i expected marketing to be the lowest of all as its the only theory paper i have. means 4x essays. how did i do it? ask God. yup yup. thank God! i cleared all my mods and i am on my way to my 2nd upper honors. in UOL standard, i got A B B- C, if that is easier for u to understand. my year 1 results were B B B D. i just need to get another a average of B next year to get my 2nd upper! slack abit and get 2nd lower! but NO! i shall not slack! haha.. jiayou jiayou jiayou!

back to work. ENJOY!

James Ji thanks God for today!

Oh my words could not tell. Not even in part. Of the debt of love that is owed. By this thankful heart
10:05 AM