Thursday, September 4, 2008

New day at work!
i just realised that next week is my last week of work then the following week start school liao! thats rather fast! this holi is a hectic one for me i guess! so so many things happened! i wish i can go back to the time when my whole family board the plane to HK! that was some memorable times to remember! yup yup.. i must get ready for school again, but i feel that when school starts, i will be more slack than now! with only 3 days of sch per week! hmmm. i wanna do certain things! my bass!!! i need to star playing again! tennis? exercise!!! basketball! yes! so many things for so little time! i need good time mgt!
work work full day today but today lunch is free! yay! thank God! ENjoy the photos!!!

Pictures proudly brought to you by Canon IXUS 70!

James Ji thanks God for today!

Oh my words could not tell. Not even in part. Of the debt of love that is owed. By this thankful heart
10:00 AM