Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Its going to be lunch time! and i am slacking in office. next week i will be quite busy in school. as it is the 1st week of school therefore there will be cca week and my cca, campus crusade for christ, will be doing our recruitment too! so we will be distributing 3000 brochures to people around in school in the hope that some people will read and consider joining us a cca and to make a impact in school. i will be spearheading the whole thing therefore i will be quite busy. and also captain ball this sun. i want to be as professional as possible for this sunday captain ball. i feel that this sunday will be good training for me! i must be as organised as possible! God, help me okok? its time to refine my SHAPE. i feel that planning and organising stuffs is my SHAPE therefore this sunday i will put it to test. alongside with camp too. before i actually start work next year. for now, i thinking of working in a events company, doing planning and stuffs but not sure how its going to work out. i also wanna open a cafe as a business. i think since church there the hdb area is going to be set p, i can set up a cafe there then people around there can come to cafe and also bartley people can come over after church to chill out and have meetings there. it might be a good idea. shall see how God is going to work it out for me. thats ideal but circumstances might not allow it too happen.

Yesterday night, Renfeng, a girl i knew last time in SRJC where we together pray every week before school starts under the umbrella of SYFC. Such a small world, she is from ARPC and she went up as a team to MOC last year before my team went up to visit auntie nellie. cool yea? she is doing the child sponsership thingy and looking for people to sponser child, and auntie nellie gave her my contacts. she will email me the details soon. and i shall pray about it then committ. the plan now is to adopt a child together with my brother. such a small world yea? for those reading: maybe ur mother's sister's son's friend's brother's father's friend know me! haha..

going for lunch liao! yay! dun rain pls!!! enjoy! 5 photos today!

James Ji thanks God for today!

Oh my words could not tell. Not even in part. Of the debt of love that is owed. By this thankful heart
12:23 PM