Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good morning people! wonder how ur week has been? hope it is good! sorry, was busy last week! i shall slowly update! first of all! i got my iphone last wednesday! pictures uploaded! cool yea? touching is better than seeing! so if u want to touch it, feel free to just come ask me! its so cool yea? i only paid $298 in total for it signing with plan as i got some student discount and thank God i went to Comcentre to buy coz that day got some zone discount so i was waived off both my reg fee and sim card fee of $50! so instead of preparing to pay $400, i only paid $300! :) still adjusting well to it. there are surely bound to be pros and cons of every new things! but young people are good in adapting to new things right? :) enjoy the pictures!

then ah, the basketball court still not done man! i also not sure wha the people doing! the tent is still there after 1 whole week! they already dont need it but havent remove it! hope they will do it soon! i really cant wait to play basketball at my doorsteps! so much more convenient man! its like dun need to bring change of clothes, no need towel, then can even just walk there half naked then play finish then walk back! haha. then if going to rain, just walk back lor! then walking home then wanna play, just play lor! haha! :) so shiock right? i really thank God for the bball courts! God is awesome! :) think it will look something like that! haha

Last wednesday after taking the iphone with darling, we went to straits cafe at Rendezvous Hotel Singapore. hmmmm. dont want to says it sucks but its really wasnt worth the price! right darling? but i tell u, got 1 middle age lady was there alone and she eats as much or even more than (edmund+joel+jon+me) altogether man! seriously!!!! wonderfully disgustingly alot alot! dun know how she did that man! haha. but darling and i went for durian on sunday night to satisfy our craving for it! haha! then someone still dabao back another $10 worth of durians! haha. it wasnt me!

this week is meeting week! haha. coz its school holidays so all the camp com departments choose to meet this week! but good also lah! all focus all in 1 week! and also tonight finally can play tennis!! pheww.. like 1 year i play once kinda of thing! annual event for me! haha. ok, just going to upload some pictures! enjoy! :)

James Ji thanks God for today!

Oh my words could not tell. Not even in part. Of the debt of love that is owed. By this thankful heart
9:30 AM