Tuesday, August 19, 2008

James Ji thanks God for today!
Hello! :) i think this blog skin is so nice! so simple yet cool! of coz after i edit, its become so "james". well i hope i can maintain this blog with my busy schedule. maybe once a year! so my next post will be on 19th aug 2009 ok? :) JKJK

this thurs going to meet shukun and edwin to talk abt the camp theme, we actually need to come up with it by this sat camp com meeting liao. i feel like we are actually quite behind of time, now already going into sept and dec is our camp! i need to be more efficient, well actually, i think we will need to be more prayerful. thats a weakness i discovered abt myself during mob. we need to cover camp with prayers because its not us who work but He who is in us that work! therefore this sat camp com meeting, i think we shuld go into a time of prayer!

thank God for candice! she's really growing into a good cgl. she still reminded abt following upon some MIA today morning even before i woke up! all the best to all the Jc2 taking their prelims! just do your best and let God do the rest yea? :)

i wanna stop work soon and have s short break b4 sch starts! but money money is always a problem! work = money. no work = freedom! haha. someone wanna pay me money for freedom so i can get freedom=money? haha. but actually work is actually slack! see, i am posting while work! while its lunchtime soon! darling come back soon from lunch to see my new blogskin yea? !!! hrmphh...


Oh my words could not tell. Not even in part. Of the debt of love that is owed. By this thankful heart
11:31 AM