Friday, August 22, 2008

James Ji thanks God for today!
and not only today but its friday once again! i always love fri but i love saturday and sunday more! but good things seldom last long! after sunday its MONDAY! blues blues blue sky!

yesterday work only half a day at work, means less half day work pay. went to visit yimin at his house! he broke his arm while doing a back flip last week! so now he has 2 metal piece connecting his bone! so scary right? but he's alright! He's a MAN now!
i already a MAN since i was young, i have s scar on the back of my head. now that i am botak, its even more obvious. come and see before my hair grows back!

then after visit yimin house then went over to shze hui house for programs meeting! wow, long meeting but think we getting things done so its not bad! well done to the programs team for doing a fine job thus far! keep up the good job yea!

something exciting! my house within 100m walking distance going to have 2 full baskeball courts! so fun! so looking fwd! next week should be done! when i was young, there used to be 1 basketball court there there, then they demolish it then it has been maybe 8 years without a bball court and now its back again! with full force! wohahah! so next time when i am not at home, you know where to look for me? haha.

today supposed to be working half day coz in the morning supposed to go school but the meeting was cancelled so now i am in office earning the extra 1/2 day of money which is actually quite alot! haha.. i need the money anyway!


Oh my words could not tell. Not even in part. Of the debt of love that is owed. By this thankful heart
10:18 AM