Wednesday, August 20, 2008

James Ji thanks God for today!3

wow! tell you today when i walk into the office, i was so excited! guess why? iphone price is out and on newspaper it says up to $348! ya man! so cheap right? you must be thinking but think again! well not really think again but in singapore price never shows it true value. as in its up to $698!!! alot of difference right? so my excitment diedededed abit but i guess i am still quite excited! now i just not sure which plan should i get? i have to go weigh both pros and cons about it and think both in long term and short term! any advice my friends???

today is 20/08/2008 its 2008 2008 aint it cool? 8 is always a nice number. actually 24 is quite cool too! haha.

let me upload 1 photo to show you: last sunday went singapore flyers with darling. she put up a collage for you to be envious!! here it goes




haha. nice views from up there right? but i think with the IR will be much nicer! next year! muhuahuahuaha

Oh my words could not tell. Not even in part. Of the debt of love that is owed. By this thankful heart
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